We here at Retro Game Network have but one goal: To bring together all aspects of retro gaming culture, and the fine humans that love it. It is, and forever will be, the reason why this site exists. Throughout the years, we have discovered many amazing sites that feature one, or maybe even a few of the aspects that are featured here, but I could never that one place, a “One Stop Shop,” if you will, for retro gaming culture. If you haven’t noticed, retro gaming is very much alive and well, and many series that were created 20, 30 or more years ago, still live on today, both in their original form, and one today’s current gen consoles. We hope you feel at home here, and we will continue to make this site better and better, and add more and more content to this site, so that hopefully one day, you can proud to have this site in your Favorites list.




Matt "Pixxel" Papa - Founder, Editor-in-Chief Matt “Pixxel” Papa
Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Matt has been avid gamer since the tender age of 3, when his gracious parents bestowed upon him a Nintendo Entertainment System. Now working as a writer, Matt decided to channel his love of writing into topics of the utmost importance to humanity, like video games. He has been a video game collector since he was old enough to ask his mother to drive him to Funcoland, and now boasts a collection he has no hope of ever fully playing. His most cherished moment in gaming was meeting his hero Keiji Inafune, and getting him to sign his complete-in-box copies of  Rockman 1-6, whilist enjoying a hearty conversation in Japanese. Oh, yeah, he speaks Japanese too. すごい!

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: Mega Man 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mega Man X3, The Tower of Druaga

Favorite Game System: Famicom / Famicom Disk System



Jes "Tron Bonne" Diamant Jes “Tron Bonne” Diamant
Staff Photographer, Staff Artist

Jes (that’s with 1 ‘s’) brings her extensive array of artistic talents to Retro Game Network. No matter what she puts her mind to in the artistic realm, be it drawing, photography, sprite work, or anything else, Jes somehow finds a way to make it look awesome. She is also a cosplay fanatic, and has donned the garb of many lovely ladies from the worlds of Metal Gear Solid, Phoenix Wright, Silent Hill, Team Fortress, Disgaea, and  Mega Man Legends. She serves as the voice of reason to Matt, especially when he gets really derpy ideas that he thinks will be cool, but most certainly will not be. Believe it or not, she’s also a mighty big fan of Mega Man Legends’ own Tron Bonne. Shocking, we know.

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: Diddy Kong Racing, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, Taiko no Tatsujin, Disgaea

Favorite Game System: Nintendo DS


Kris LaneKris “Xanfan” Lane
Senior Staff Writer, CD-i Fanatic

Kris had his first video game experience when he was only 4 years old, when his brother used to scare him with a loud air raid siren, which was done by intentionally losing the game “WarGames” for ColecoVision. From there, he grabbed an NES controller at age 7, and it’s been uphill ever since. Kris currently has 28 different home consoles and more than a few retro computers that are perfect for gaming, going as far back as the Channel F and as current as Xbox 360. (Yet, that’s not enough for him!) A former radio DJ at an all 80s FM radio station, he always found ways of incorporating video game BGM into his music sets. He rocks like that.

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: 
Infocom’s “MacVenture” Trilogy (Deja Vu, Uninvited, Shadowgate), Maniac Mansion, Super Mario Brothers Trilogy, Tempest, Games based on TV game shows

Favorite Game System: Philips CD-i (There’s always one…)



"Best Friend" Rand Lee“Best Friend” Rand Lee
Staff Writer, Chief Secretary of Awesomeness

For as far back as Rand’s brain can remember, he has been coddling the controller; never straying from the awesome allure of video games. He is a man who appreciates games of old and new, which makes him a exceptionally versatile dude for Retro Game Network. While known for his epic levels of solid bro-ness, Rand must spend many hours a week dealing with people in his customer service job. The rage caused by this is then channeled into video game rants, which have been known to shake the heavens and disturb elder gods from their slumber.

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, Fallout, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy

Favorite Game System: Super Nintendo



Earl “St. Aspartame” Gray III
Staff Writer, Diet Cola Connoisseur

Earl spends most of his life viewing time through the often distorted eyes of his own mind. Both a blessing and a curse, this allows him to see things most people may ignore and remember everything you’re glad you’ve forgotten. Never one to fully explain himself, this is all we’ve been able to get out of Earl. What we do know is that he pursues the obscure with the zest of an explorer, and he has a deep love for all things strange. Some say he’s haunted by the death of Hudson Soft, while others say he was never the same after Nam-1975. Earl is the world’s foremost authority on Golf video games.

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: Spy Hunter, Xevious, Earthbound, Persona, Taco Bell

Favorite Game System:
Nick Arcade


Dan “Straw Hat Gamer” Howard
Staff Writer / The Only Other Guy ‘Sides Papa who Likes Druaga 

Many years ago, forged in the tempered fires of the mid-80’s, came forth a lone and powerful hero. Dan doesn’t know anything about this hero, but he pretends to play him in some old school RPGs from time to time. Dan’s been an avid gamer and fan of game collecting since he discovered that NES games looked awesome stacked on top of one another. His areas of expertise included impersonating Burger Rider and Doctor Sparkle, being an idiot savant at Superman 64, and having an insane love for all things Zelda and Earthbound related.

Top 5 Favorite Games/Series: Earthbound, Link’s Awakening, Spelunker, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Bros. 3

Favorite Game System: Those Neo Geo Cabinets they seem to have at every bowling alley