One of the retro computers that is quite popular for homebrewing throughout the UK is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Despite its very limited capacity, it has an extremely loyal fan base that is second to none. A brand new game for the computer called “Impossabubble” was released late last night, and it is now available for proper purchase.

“There have been evil experiments with bubble-mix to create levitating assassins. You foil the plot, but are turned into a bubble! Can you rescue everyone and escape? Find them all… if you can. It’s Impossabubble!”


The game has been released by Dave Clarke, who did the coding and graphical work, alongside of David Saphier who composed the music. As a team, the new title is being released under Monument Microgames, which releases titles not just for the Speccy, but for the ZX81 (known in the US as the Timex Sinclair 1000), Vega and NeXT computer systems. According to Clarke, “Impossabubble” is his first creation to be released on tape, which is an accomplishment that he wanted to reach since his childhood.

The game is currently available as a digital download for the cost of just $1.49. The digital download can be used on a ZX Spectrum emulator. There is no word on the physical cassette based medium release or pricing at this time.

Source: Indie Retro News