This week has been pretty busy in the retro video game world, specifically in the category of ROM hacks, where a previously released games programming code is altered to give gamers a new experience. But another form of dedication to retro video gaming is when brand new games are programmed from scratch for consoles and computers of our past. A while back, a new space related shoot em up video game called “Inviyya” was announced for the Commodore Amiga computer series, but has been lying dormant for some time, kind of like us! Just as we have been playing catch up lately, the announced game has also received some brand new updates.


The project started back in October 2016, by an English Amiga Board forum member known as Steril707. He typically adds videos to his works in progress on his YouTube channel, and earlier this week added a brand new video in regards to his updates about “Inviyya”. The game title has a lot of things in common with such Amiga shmup’s such as “R-Type”. As mentioned in a recent forum message by it’s creator:

“The whole thing started as a design exercise for myself, I wanted to create a space shooter level with only 8 colours for everything. I think I did a good job, and after implementing I noticed I still have some things were I can have more colours now, playfield 2 and attached sprites for instance.. Games (sic) has now Music, SFX, 50 frames per second for scrolling and BOB animations, 3 level parallax, and some other stuff.. Everything on a stock A500 + 512K slow RAM add on. My guess is this should work from (Kickstart) 1.3 to 3.1, but I am not sure about that yet.”

Since the beginning of this games development, the Titled Editor was used to offer a dual play field mode alongside of sprites that were 48 pixels wide. The video that was uploaded to YouTube shows the game being featured on actual Amiga hardware, which is certainly nice for those that like playing homebrews on original equipment. There is currently no word on an official completion time frame for the title, and there has been no distribution method made public at this time.

Sources: English Amiga Board, Vintage Is The New Old