Just the other day, we were talking about a ROM hack that brought us retro gamers a brand new adventure based on the characters and worlds of “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link” for the NES. Today, we bring news of another hack, for another one of Nintendo’s beloved franchises. A new ROM hack called “Super Mario Ultimate” brings 8-bit Nintendo game players a brand new adventure based on the classic title “Super Mario Brothers 3”.

The original “Super Mario Brothers 3” was published by Nintendo over in Japan in 1988 for the Famicom, and was later brought to the United States in 1990. As the years went on, ports of the game have been commonplace to Nintendo consoles, with versions being released later on for the Super NES (through “Super Mario All-Stars”), the Game Boy Advance (as “Super Mario Advance 4”), and in more recent years brought to various Virtual Consoles for platforms such as the Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. “Super Mario Brothers 3” ultimately became the third best selling NES game, with over 17 million copies sold during it’s original availability.


Ordinarily with a ROM hack, we get new levels or a harder (or easier) difficulty in the games that we loved from our childhood or young adulthood. However in the case of “Super Mario Ultimate”, it goes many steps further. The hack, which is the creation by a person who calls themselves “Silas” (formerly known as “TotusTuus”), completely renovated the classic NES title. This is not a simple programming change, but rather a complete hack of one of the most critically acclaimed games that take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. It features a total of 8 brand new worlds, over 90 new and original levels, alongside of freshened up graphics and sprites, new enemy characters, a difficulty selection, and a state that allows you to save your progress. Fans of ROM hacks have already called the title “visually amazing”, a “great game”, a “quality ROM hack”, and simply “beautiful”.

In order to run the new title, you must have an NES emulator, alongside of a copy of the “Super Mario Bros 3 (U) PRG0 ROM” of the original game title to apply the hack onto. In addition, a patching program such as Beat or Floating IPS may be necessary to add the hack to the ROM image. We currently do not know if the ROM hack is compatible with flash drive cartridges such as the popular Everdrive.

Source: Indie Retro News