When it comes down to it, there are many questions about that people still do not have an answer to. What came first, the chicken or the egg? What is the meaning of life, outside of a dictionary? And can anyone tell me what a Wang Chung is? In the world of video games, there has always been a question brought up about the Nintendo character of Toad, and that question involves his physical anatomy above the neck. Is that a cap he is wearing on his head, or is it actually part OF his head? Well, we finally have the answer!


The debate about Toad’s head (or headgear) has been a question of curiosity since Toad first appeared in the original “Super Mario Brothers” released for the NES back in 1985. With the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, the debate was re-sparked, prompting people to do some in-depth research on Toad’s head and sparking a lot of online arguments. Of course, the biggest argument is that it was in fact a cap that Toad wore, most notable as it was portrayed as such in an episode of “The Super Mario Brothers Super Show” cartoon series in the late eighties.


The producer of Super Mario Odyssey, Yoshiaki Koizumi, finally was able to put the long curious question to a close at a recently question and answer session that was hosted by Nintendo. In this session, he stated:

“So that, as it turns out, is actually Toad’s head… I’m going to have to leave it to all of you to figure out exactly how that works out. Maybe there’s something inside.”

So after over 3 decades of debates and speculation, it is now confirmed that Toad’s mushroom cap is actually part of his head! This will certainly still be a subject of debate among fans of the franchise, and some people have already turned to social media to express their responses, everything from calling it “fake news” to calling it a “magic Toad head”. I’m sure that other questions will arise about the topic as the adventures of the Mushroom Kingdom continue, but I personally want to know if Toad was giving us the finger at the end of the castle stages in the first “Mario” game…

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