nightmare of ganon

In the world of modern computing, video game emulation is more and more becoming commonplace, especially for casual game players that don’t have lots of money at their disposal. One interesting benefit of taking advantage of emulation is that independent programmers can alter the ROMs program code of their favorite games to make them play different, be more difficult (or easier), give the game more features or characters, or in some cases even translated into their local language. Sometimes, the games are altered to give the game a completely new feel with altered levels, which is exactly where the new “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link” NES hack entitled “The Nightmare of Ganon” comes to the table.

“The Nightmare of Ganon” is a complete redesign of the 1987 NES game “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link”, which has been in the works for the past 6 months by RomHacking.Net member “HollowShadow”, who created another hack of the same game last year with “The New Adventure of Link”. In the games read me file, HollowShadow has this to say:

“The goal was to make a hardtype Zelda II romhack with completely different design & new story. I did my best to make this romhack better then my previous one, learning from my previous experience hacking Zelda II and trying to improve on it.”

nightmare of ganon2

This hack offers a completely new story, overworld, caves, palaces, towns, order of items received, and in an interesting switch, random encounters. The game hack is the creation of  According to HollowShadow, the game is more challenging than the original NES release for a few reasons, once of them not being that it takes more hits for an enemy to be eliminated. As far as the enemies are concerned, in this hack they will resprawn, which already starts making the game more challenging. In addition, the game itself is larger thanks to a bigger overworld, deeper palace levels, and more and longer bridges and caves. It can give you the feel of a completely new “Zelda II” experience, since none of the original design is similar. One additional feature that is nice is that you can restart at a palace if you end up with a game over.

nightmare of ganon3

Version 1.1 of “The Nightmare of Ganon” which was released earlier this morning offers a few updates to the original release that occurred just yesterday. The big change is that a typo was replaced throughout the game, replacing the incorrect spelling of “Gannon” throughout the games text, both in the title screen and during gameplay. In addition, there was a room change in regards to the area before Death Mountain, which was done to make the game more fair.

In order to play this updated hack, you must have in your possession an NES emulator program, along with a copy of the ROM of the original “Zelda II”. You then apply the hack file, and then you are able to enjoy the new experience! The hack has been tested and is fully compatible with the Everdrive series of cartridges.

Source (and Download Link): RomHacking.Net