Fellow gamers, we have had a VERY exciting first week back after our long hiatus, and we want to take a chance to just give everyone out there a big hearty “THANKS!” We have gotten so much feedback over the past week on our social media welcoming us back after over 2 years of inactivity, and we just want to say that it means so much to all of us at RGN. Just like before, we will be doing a weekly podcast, which will give you all a different and condensed way to get all of the previous weeks news in an easy to digest format. Previously, our old “Week In Review” podcasts were uploaded every Saturday night, and uploaded temporarily to SoundCloud, but our new format brings a new episode every Sunday night at 5pm eastern time, and takes advantage of our highly empty YouTube page. Why the change? Because of requirement! We are very excited to inform everyone that Retro Game Network now also has an official radio show, hosted by yours truly! Every Monday night starting at 7pm, you can hear two big hours of retro and current video game music on “VGM on FM”! Alongside of the great music and chiptunes that I will be featuring, I will also use the program as another method of broadcasting this podcast. The show can be heard in the Mays Landing, NJ area on WRML 107.9 FM, as well as around the world by listening to the station via the TuneIn radio app. Our first show on FM is tomorrow, so I hope you can listen! If you would like a quick preview, please continue with this entry, so you can hear “The RGN Files” podcast right away. We are still getting back into the swing of things around here, but I think we are on the right track. (The podcasts will sound a LOT better once I get better recording equipment, and once our founder provides me with some excellent liners for both the podcast and the FM radio show!) Thanks again, and game on!