While the Nintendo Entertainment System has been discontinued for many years (ending its run in the US in 1995 and in Japan in 2003), it has since had an amazing following for many independent programmers, with many brand new games being released each year. The homebrew scene has been going strong ever since, with everything from original titles to amazing ports of popular classics that never saw the light on the 8-bit wonder. Piko Interactive is one of those publishers that releases these amazing wonders on physical media, for those (like myself) that want a true experience of playing these games on actual hardware on a real television set as opposed to emulation. They have just released their latest title called “Quest Forge: By Order Of Kings”, which is now available for purchase.


For those unfamiliar with the company, “Piko Interactive, LLC” is a game development and publishing company that concentrates in the development of new games for old consoles. Their consoles of interest include, but are not limited to, home consoles like the NES, SNES and Sega Genesis, as well as handheld consoles such as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color.


“Quest Forge: By Order Of Kings” is a brand new Action/Adventure role playing game that was created by Ludocity. In this new title for the original NES, you play the part of a knight of the castle Axvald, named Sir Nils. Because the world orb has been stolen (meaning that the demon gate is now compromised and can be opened), the king has asked for you to help him out. By the orders of this king, you have been assigned the duty to stop whoever is the one that is plotting to unleash the great evil on the land. You will explore the world all around you, everywhere from the bottom of the deepest seas to the top of the highest mountains. You will defeat enemies with a specialized combat system that uses a combination of timing and statistical planning, all based on traditional role playing game style combat. But most importantly, you will be searching for the 8 magical articles that will enhance your personal capabilities!


The game is currently available directly from Piko Interactive, and is ready to be played on your original toaster or top-loader of choice. For those that just want to play the game itself, you can purchase a copy of only the cartridge, which will run you $34.99. However true NES collectors that shutter with the thought of having a loose cartridge in a collection of boxed originals can also opt to have a complete game, which also includes a box and manual. This edition of the game will cost $15 additional, for a total cost of $49.99. Check our their official commercial below!

Source: Piko Interactive (Facebook)
Piko Interactive: Purchase “Quest Forge – By Order Of Kings”