In the summer of 2013, RGN had reported on an upcoming flashdrive for the original Sony PlayStation called the “PSIO“. This new invention allows you to fill up an SD memory card with your favorite PlayStation ISO images, and then play those images on actual hardware. These types of devices have been taking the retro video game community by storm with similar devices made for a multitude of classic platforms. While there was another update offered by the developers a few months after our first report, we haven’t had any updates on the device since October of last year, this evening we report on new developments on the cartridge known as “PSIO” (pronounced “sigh-oh”), and for the first time, report on a possible release date.


“PSIO” is a cartridge that plugs into the back of your original Sony PlayStation 1 that will let you play your backed up games from an SD card. While it can certainly be used to play such backups, it’s intent for release is mostly for homebrew game developers, for it will also allow you to boot and run code that you have personally programmed and compiled from an SD card on the actual console itself, making it a must have tool. While attaching the PSIO to your system allows you to play games using SD card media, it actually works along with the CD drive, as opposed to completely replacing it. This allows you to keep your PS1 functioning as normal alongside of having the flash based alternative.


“PSIO”, in which the full title stands for “PlayStation Input/Output”, is a cartridge board being developed in Australia that when plugged into your PlayStation’s parallel I/O port, will allow you to play backed up PS1 game titles that were extracted from the original CD-ROM, that have been stored on an SD card. When the concept was first being developed back in 2010, it was originally slated to use hard drive as it’s storage medium, the original concept was ultimately changed to utilize SD cards instead due to an unreported issue.


Some of the features of “PSIO” include not only being able to play single disc games, but also will support games that spanned multiple discs. In addition, the ability to save your game’s progress will be incorporated, meaning that no memory card will be required. Add to than a built-in cheat system, hexadecimal editor, plus able to listen to music with the device, in a format other than MP3 due to the PS1′s limitations. It will also offer a standard USB port for a direct connection between your PS1 and your home computer, which is said to be used as a way of assisting programmers with their own game creations, if they so desire.


Previously, a variety of Youtube videos had showed off the progress of the device, and this latest update brings the world version 2.1 in use. In this demonstration, we see some new games being loaded into the systems memory, as well as some showing off of a possible menu prototype for the final game selection. While there is still no official release date or price range slated for this new and exciting device, one of the developers of “PSIO” has publically stated that they would like to see it get released by the end of the year, and that there are still “hopes” for that to be a reality. As of now, it is 85% completed, but the early supporters and beta testers will get their hands on it before anyone else.



Source: Retro Collect
Official Website: PSIO