Over this past summer, we have been very excited to keep everyone up to date on the latest NES homebrew port based on the 1987 computer classic “Leisure Suit Larry“. During this time, we have seen a variety of updates, with limited edition versions being put up for auction during the summer, alongside of the other goodies that came with that offering. However Khan Games, the creator of this new port which has been dubbed “Larry And The Long Look For A Luscious Lover”, announced this afternoon that the game is now finally available as a widespread standard release!


For those gamers that may have overlooked this classic video game series, you play the part of Larry: A 40 year old bachelor that is looking forward to finally getting the chance to experience intercourse for the first time. Starting at a local pub, you eventually end up checking out such wonderful places like a club, convenience store, casino and even a wedding chapel. If you go out of your available realm, Larry can get mugged and killed, or even run over by a taxicab. You can rely on public transportation to get from one place to the next, which costs money that you can earn by going to the casino and playing some traditional casino games. You can lose your virginity to the woman that your mother warned you about and contract an STD, which will kill you shortly after intercourse. You can also pick the another wrong type of woman, who will tie you to a bed and leave you for dead. Or hopefully, you will meet the girl of your dreams and live happily every after.


Kevin Hanley of Khan Games has made sure that this new port will feature all of the great aspects that made the series what it is today. For those gamers that prefer playing video games on a console as opposed to a computer, this port is a way to finally get introduced to those that may have passed up on this Sierra classic. You can now come along for a ride and visit one of the numerous locales meticulously recreated for this port of the original game. You’ll come in contact with vagabonds, alcoholics, prostitutes, store clerks, stoners, comedians, and of course, women! Add gambling, dancing, drinking, smoking and shopping for a complete experience!


When you make your purchase, you will get a copy of the cartridge, which has been enabled with on-board flash memory for saving your place in the game should you want to take a break. The game features a Ciclone multi-region lockout chip for NTSC, PAL A/B and Asian Systems. Along with the game cartridge itself, you also get a new dust sleeve, and full color box and manual. The game works on all authentic Nintendo systems with a 72 pin connector, and has also been tested on clones such as the NEX, Yobo, RetroDuo and FC Twin. It has not yet been rested on an original Famicom using a 72 to 60 pin converter, and also has not been tested on portable systems. It will NOT function on hardware based software emulator consoles such as the RetroN 5. The game is sold via RetroUSB, and the cost is $50 for the package.

Source: Khan Games on Facebook
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