One of the cool things about being a retro gamer in the modern age, is the number of different tools that are out there that helps us make our own creations. Because everyone is different, and because everyone has a wide array of likes and dislikes, some of these creations are not only amazing, but chances are the ideas are somewhat unique to the entire community. If you are a fan of DOOM as well as a fan of Donkey Kong Country, I bet you would never imagine the two universes becoming combined any time soon. However, that concept has actually come to light, thanks to a fan of both series, and with the help of GZDooM!


This new creation is the product by DooMero, who has in a nutshell reprogrammed “DOOM” into a “Donkey Kong Country” platformer. This is not DooMero’s first attempt at doing something like this, for in December of last year, he created another DOOM modification for the Resident Evil fans. The new port was made possible thanks to GZDooM, which is a port that is completely customizable and programmable by the user. While the current release of the port is still considered a work in progress, it has been noted that the controls are a little bit on the difficult yet tricky side, however that would most likely be fixable in a future release.


To play this version of the game, you will need a copy of GZDooM (which is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Linux distributions), the modification files, as well as a WAD file from one of the original games that used the official DOOM engine. Other than DOOM, you can use other games like DOOM II, Strife, Hexen or Heretic.) The mod files that are needed can be found at the download link below, and a YouTube video of the new modification in action has been released.

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“Donkey Kong Country: DOOM Edition”: Download Link