It’s Dreamcast day at Retro Game Network! Early this morning we gave you a history of the Sega Dreamcast, which was released on this day 15 years ago. In the retrospective, I stated that the console, which has been out of production for many years, still to this day has a large fan base, and this story just continues that fact. One of the most talked about titles (and most expensive to create) that originated from the Dreamcast was Shenmue. Because of various delays of the games release in Japan, Sega gave those that pre-ordered the game a little treat in the form of a demo called “What’s Shenmue?” which was sent as an apology. This title would also later on be offered to subscribers of Fititsu magazine. A game in itself, the demo disc was only released in Japanese. Now, fans of the series have released a new patch that will allow you explore in your choice of three new languages, including English!

(Warning: Spoilers ahead. Scroll to bottom to paragraph to avoid.)


Now of course, Sega could have just given gamers a simple video disc that was showing off what was in the works, but they certainly knew better! Instead of just showing off what would ultimately be the finished game, “What’s Shenmue” brought gamers a nice litter adventure all it’s own! In the game, Ryo is chasing after Sega’s ex-Senior Managing Director Hidekazu Yukawa around the city of Dobuita. When Ryo is able to catch up to Yukawa (who was in the You Arcade), Ryo battles an attacker. After all is said and done, it turns out that the entire exchange was just a dream, and Yukawa wakes up to find himself at Sega’s Japanese headquarters, in front of a poster for Shenmue and with a lot of Dreamcast systems that are just dying to be purchased and sold, and more importantly, played! In addition to the minigame, the disc also includes 4 of the movies included on the Passport disc of the original Shenmue that explain aspects of the game.


The patch that we bring you the details on this morning was brought to us thanks to a variety of members of the ROMhacking community. This first version has been finalized and is ready to roll! On this patch, all of the Japanese text has been translated, including graphics and subtitles have been made available into English, Spanish and German. (You don’t need a different patch for each language, one patch works for all.) Now, for the first time ever, those that speak the languages mentioned that don’t speak Japanese can enjoy this rarity! In order to be able to run this translation patch, you will need to have a copy of the original “What’s Shenmue?” ISO to which you can apply this patch to. You can learn have to do this with an included file from within the download. Or, if you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, the entire translation has been made available on YouTube, seen below.

Source: ROMhacking via Retro Collect

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIyAbmyQb9I]