Last December, Nintendo introduced gamers to the surprise hit “NES Remix“, which was released for the Wii U platform, and brings gamers a fresh twist on some of our favorite 8-bit classics. This past April brought a second game in the series. It was also around this time that Nintendo Of Japan announced that the two games would see a physical media release of the game, as the games previously were only available virtually. While the disc version was released in Japan on April 24th of this year, it has yet to see a North American release, that is until now. Today, Nintendo Of America announced that this collection of two games would be hitting retail shelves!


At first glance, and for those that haven’t played this collection, you may be thinking to yourself that this is nothing more than a group of games from the original NES era brought to the modern system. In reality, it’s actually much more than that, as these classics have been given a fresh new twist: These retro games have been “remixed” to offer brand new challenges and scenarios. The second game also included “Super Luigi Brothers”, in which you played the original “Super Mario Brothers” that we all know and love, but not only played as Luigi, but played entirely in reverse.


The physical disc release is mostly for gamers out there that prefer owning games that you can see and hold, as opposed to games you download online. (Those that know me personally know that I am in that category, now and forever!) Nintendo made the announcement via Twitter while they were at San Diego Comic Con:


Over in Japan, the compilation was released as “Famicom Remix 1+2”, but in North America, it is currently planned to have the title “NES Remix Pack”. While no box art has been made available yet, you have to admit that the original artwork was pretty slick. There is no word yet on a price or specific release date, but it appears that the game will be made available sometime during the holiday season this year. (Of course, both of the games are available immediately, virtually, if you so desire.)

Source: Twitter via Nintendo Life