The Game Boy Advance is no stranger when it comes to getting the retro look. Back in 2004, Nintendo themselves released a special limited edition model of the Game Boy Advance SP, that gave it the look and feel of the original NES, even re-releasing a variety of NES classics on GBA cartridges to match. However this time around, a company called Rose Colored Gaming has announced that they will be releasing two new versions of the original Game Boy Advance, to give it more of a 16-bit feel.


These new editions of the original GBA will be themed with the color schemes of both the Super NES as well as the Super Famicom. These backlit Game Boy Advance Systems will offer unique packaging, hand-made glass lenses that are specifically made for the units, four different colors of cast parts, and painted “everything else”, according to the company. While the Super NES version will feature the famous purple color scheme that we are all familiar with, the Super Famicom edition will have the famous red, blue, green and yellow color scheme that was known throughout Japan. Earlier this week, Rose Colored Gaming announced that the Super Famicom shells were almost completed, and that the Super NES units had begun assembly. All of the pre-built Game Boy Advance portables are completely hand made, and other than the color scheme changes, will also have the following modifications:

  • Modern backlit LCD screen upgrade with a brand new LCD display
  • Glass lens upgrade, which is a complete replacement of original plastic lens
  • Custom colored shell & cast buttons to resemble the SNES & Super Famicom
  • A new, customized Rose Colored Gaming box and packaging
  • A warranty on all new parts and labor
  • Custom new Rose Colored Gaming serial and model number stickers


While there is currently no official release date, it has been said that they will be available early this month. Also unannounced as of right now is the price of these systems. According to Rose Colored Gaming’s official Facebook feed, these devices will cost more than the previous GBAs that they have released. (For your reference, previous offerings cost $165 and up.) More information and details about these handheld consoles are scheduled to be posted via Facebook over the next few days.

Source: Polygon