Some gamers say that this is the most wonderful time of the year to be a fan of the medium. Yes folks, it’s E3 time! Of course there is a lot of news about modern gaming at the event as opposed to retro gaming, however sometimes we find something pretty interesting, which we did today! Nintendo made an announcement during their digital event, in which a new title called “Mario Maker” is currently in the works for the Wii U. Ever want to make your own “Super Mario Brothers” levels like the NES used to make? Well soon enough, you will be able to!

Mario Maker was first made somewhat unofficially public last week in what looked to be a photograph that was taken while Nintendo’s 2014 E3 booth was still being setup, however the title was confirmed this afternoon during their presentation.


What this upcoming program will allow one to do, is create their very own stages of the classic “Super Mario Brothers” titles, just like it looked on the classic NES/Famicom that we all grew up with. The game will offer a full range of customization possibilities, using all of the classic items, enemies, props and backgrounds that the original title brought to the table.


For those that still prefer a touch of modern to go with it all, the game will also permit you create levels in the style of the more current game in the franchise, “New Super Mario Brothers”. In addition, the presentation implied that those that make their own creations will also be able to share what they made with other “Mario Maker” users, perhaps offering a full community of new levels that everyone can try out and enjoy.


It is currently unknown if “Mario Maker” would be made available as a virtual eShop title, or if it would become a full blown physical release, however it was stated that we can expect to begin making our own classic levels sometime in 2015.

Source: Polygon