Earlier this week it was announced on the SMS Power forums that three unlicensed game programs for the Sega Master System were made available to the public for download. These three games all hail originally from Korea. While traditional NTSC and PAL ROM dumps are somewhat easy to accomplish, SMS Power forum member “Bock” stated that Korean dumps are typically tricky, with subtle variations that are hard to identify. But that hasn’t stopped him from making available the games, including one that is a take on one of the coolest 1980s films ever!


“Gangcheol RoboCop” (강철 로보캅) is an original game developed by SIECO Ltd. for the Korean market. Bearing the dodgy controls and platform physics that is the lot of many unlicensed titles, the game is rather hard to progress through but the challenge makes it interesting. Remember to grab the bullet on the left of the screen to get started, and avoid those speed-up items!


“Mopiranger” (포피레인저) is a charming little Konami game ported from the MSX. Think Pac-man+Pengo where getting rid of enemies create blocks. As the game drift more toward its puzzle side as you progress, blocks become increasingly a problem toward solving levels.


Finally we’ve got a Korean release for “Road Fighter” (로드화이터) Previously, a version was released for the Taiwanese SG-1000 II, which relied on the Jumbo RAM extension adapter. This Korean version only works on the Master System.

All three of the games were made available as downloadable ROM images for use on Sega Master System emulators, and any flashcarts that are available for the console, past or present. There is no word on if these games would someday be re-produced for the masses.

Source: Retro Collect
SMS Power Forum Post: http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=79068