In the early days of the 8-bit NES, there were a wide number of sports titles available, all which had the simple, generic titles of the sport that they portrayed. Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, etc. Then there were some titles that went a little more beyond, like 10 Yard Fight and Excitebike. One thing was for sure, and that was no official licensing. But what if there was? What kind of games would have been released? For the “Pro Wrestling” fan in all of us, a new ROM hack was developed this month, that converts the original 1987 classic to “WWE Wrestling”.


The ROM hack is the creation of Pacnsac Dave, and according to the story, was created in celebration of the recent launch of the new WWE Network. Other than just the introduction title being changed, this hack also alters the ring itself to have to take place in the world of Monday Night RAW. In addition, this patch alters all of the Wrestlers that were originally featured on NES’s “Pro Wrestling”, and gives the title the glory that are WWE Superstars.


According to the programmer, the wrestler graphics on the original title were stored in an awkward format, directly onto the ROM, so changing out the original graphics for new ones was not all that simple. In addition, encouragement of having NES fans make even more changes was suggested.


The patch for the ROM hack, like most other hacks, require the player to have a copy of the original games ROM. The link to the patch can be found via our source below.

Source and “WWE Wrestling” Download: