A new homebrew title that had been in the works for nearly two years has finally been completed for Sony’s original entry into the home video game console market. The game, called “Roll Boss Rush” has been a labor of love for AtariAge member “isufje”, who has been working on the game since 2012. An announcement was made that the game is finally finished, and ready for download for your gaming pleasures. And did we mention that this does in fact have a Mega Man twist?


Roll Boss Rush is a 2D action platforming title, but it is mostly a lot of a boss fighting. You play as Mega Man’s sister Roll. However, this is not the same character based on the Japanese Canon, however it’s based on the Ruby Spears “Mega Man” Cartoon. During your battles, you can grab a hold of your enemy and absorb their power, and in a simple twist of fate, thus use that same power against the enemy that originally provided it. She can also  perform some physical attacks. The game offers what’s called a “super meter” that allows you to perform a “super move”. Whatever the weapon is that you are currently using, will determine that exactly your current “super move” would be.


The game offers a total of 4 difficulty levels, ranging from “easy” to “one-hit”. You can select your single primary weapon (straight, spread, charge or burst), as well as a single secondary weapon (vacuum, toaster or saw). You can also select between fighting a single boss, or double the challenge by battling two bosses simultaneously in a “mono-melee” mode, regardless of which difficulty level you have originally selected.


Just like other Mega Man games, each boss has a specific weakness that you mst figure out and discover. At the end of each of your battles, you will be given a grade that is based upon your total performance, as well as an information token, as well as a password to continue your game play at a later date.


The programmer used a Psy-q 4.6 for compile, 3D Studio for modelling the 3D graphics, as well as Milkshape for creating animation. VirtuaNSF was also used for extracting original NES sound effects from the first 6 NES based Mega Man titles, and some voice samples from the US Mega Man cartoon were also ripped for the game.


The game is currently available as a free download, for everyone out there to grab and enjoy. The program file is an ISO disc image, meaning that you can create a PS1 compatible disc on your computer, and then play the game on original Sony hardware. Source code has also been made publically available.

Original Source: AtariAge

Download “Roll Boss Rush” PlayStation ISO