This has certainly been a busy week for the homebrew community, and we have some more news to share with everyone this morning! Last November we received word about a fresh title for the Sega Genesis called “Suprakillminds!“. This new puzzler was still in the works at the time, and had been available as a free download for beta testing purposes. Today, the game is not only completed, but now able to be purchased as a physical cartridge for use on actual 16-bit Sega hardware.


An interesting puzzler, “SupraKillminds! is the creation of  Jack Nolldor, who has said that the game has been designed to melt your brain like ice cream in the summer! In addition, the games original music is the creation of David Murcia. The object of “Suprakillminds!” is to create a completed quadrant by using the four auxiliary quadrants of up, down, left and right to earn points. The number of points that you are awarded are determined by the quantity of the same color positions that the other quadrants are located. Parts of the color of the center square will appear in the same auxiliary quadrants in the same location, as they were in the central square by pressing a button on the directional pad. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 5 Points = All of the color positions are different
  • 20 Points = Two of the color positions are the same
  • 50 Points = Three of the color positions are the same
  • 150 Points + 1Up = The whole quadrant are the same color
  • 250 Points + 1Up = If all quadrants are empty at the end


The game is now available for purchase in physical cartridge format, ready to be used on Sega Genesis and Mega Drive hardware. Nolldor specifically wanted the game to be released today, on Valentines Day, as a way of showing his love to the retro gaming community! You can purchase the game, which comes complete with an original Mega Drive style box, for the cost of €29.95/$41.05. You can place an order by sending an email to the address shown below.

Original Source: Fase Bonus

Order A Copy Of “Suprakillminds!”: info@storebonus.net