A brand new ROM hack has been made available recently, that is sure to please a more than a few people that I know. While the entire Mega Man series is already a winning situation on its own, sometimes it takes a ROM hack to make it even more special. But hacking Mega Man III with a storyline based on the popular “My Little Pony” franchise? No, you’re not imagining anything. It’s actually been done, and it’s available as a free patch for instant playing!


The rebranded game, called “My Little Pony: Dr. Discord’s Conquest”, is the creation of Romhacking.net member “RetiredBrony”. In this new title, the evil Discord has returned to the peaceful land of Equestria! All of Twilight Sparkle’s friends have gone berserk for some unknown reason and there’s no one but her left to stop them and Discord from destroying everything! This ROM hack of Mega Man 3 completely redesigns the game to resemble the world and characters of “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”, with new graphics and music from a wide array of video games. Enemy and Boss AI has also been altered, alongside of the control scheme, such as no sliding like in Mega Man 2.

The creator talks about how the project got started:

“I started making this hack in November 2011, not much after I watched a couple {of} episodes of the show… At the time I really was into hacking, and Megaman hacking to be exact. I thought the ponies were a great concept for a Megaman hack, so I started working on the first stage, Snakeman/Fluttershy. I wanted to make sure to find the right games to rip graphics from, to fit each boss… At first I was planning to make this a MLP – Megaman crossover with Wily using a device to travel to different universes and ending up trying to conquer the pony world with Robot copies. (All the bosses were supposed to have a metallic look.) But since Season 2 of the show had a pretty “badass” villain for a cartoon like that, I decided to drop the crossover idea and wipe out all the connections to Megaman story-wise.”


As stated previously, some of the music has been ripped from other video games that we all know and love. Everything from Mega Man 8 to Kirby’s Adventure, from Akumajou Dracula to Ninja Gaiden, from Sonic The Hedgehog to The Jungle Book, all has some music to be found here! This is surely to be an interesting addition to a virtual library for those Mega Man and My Little Pony fans out there, in which I know of at least one…

In order to use this patch, you will need to have an NES or Famicom emulator, along with a copy of the Mega Man III ROM image that you can apply it to. Directions on this procedure can be found in the download link. There are currently no plans to make this game available in physical media, and with the fact that the hacker has stated that they are retiring from the culture, I wouldn’t expect it to happen any time soon.

Original Source: Retro Collect

Download “My Little Pony: Dr. Discord’s Conquest”: