This past August we reported details about an upcoming Genesis homebrew called “Sacred Line”, which in itself was a port of a homebrew title originally published for computers. On the original report, we stated that the game was planned to be made available in some form by the end of the year, and Sasha Darko, the developers behind both games, held to their promise, as the game is now available virtually, with a physical cartridge in the works for a future release.


For those not familiar with the original game, “Sacred Line” was released on February 26, 2013, and has been described as being a part of the first person- dark adventure, featuring a surreal thriller style background, with a story-driven exploration physics-based gameplay. (Try saying THAT 3 times fast!) It takes its place in a developed universe where your main enemy is a union of third-world countries, that is  trying to set totalitarian regime over the whole planet, all the while polluting and destroying everything that happens to be around them. You play the part of Ellen: A lady private detective that is just trying to survive in Eastern Europe. One day before Ellen was getting ready going to close her office (which she had previously inherited from her missing sister Sarah), she gets an anonymous telephone call. The unknown caller asks her to find hidden forest outpost and told her about its physical position. Little does Ellen realize that is only the beginning. You will ultimately face their leader, summoned by the ancient sect, and deal with unknown sources of power and paranormal activity.


This completed game is totally region free, meaning that it can be played on both the Sega Genesis as well as the Sega Mega Drive. “Sacred Line” offers a nice array of special features:

  • High quality 3D graphics (Recommended for use on a CRT television)
  • WAV soundtrack (Similar to Game Boy Advance output)
  • A unique and memorable setting, story and environments
  • A text-based dice fighting system (You ideally need physical dice!)
  • More than 20 original endings, depending on your gameplay outcome
  • Death in the game means that you get to continue from the last checkpoint
  • In-game encyclopedia to help you learn more about characters
  • Fully compatible with Flashcarts such as the Everdrive


At this time, the game is available as a digital download, however there are two options available. Your first choice is the “standard” pack, which contains the ROM image, which has been fully tested and is compatible with your choice of an emulation program or Flashcart. In fact, you will get a tuned version of the Genesis “Fusion” emulator along with your purchase, as well as high resolution virtual “box art” as well as a manual in PNG image format.


Another version of the game is also available, which is called the “unique” pack, in which the game is going to be specially customized for the buyer. It will contain a special ROM image for both emulator or Flashcart, which shows your name or nickname (that you give to Sasha Darko ahead of time), within the game’s menu screen and credit rolls. Aside from the virtual box art, digitized manual and Fusion emulation program, you will also get 5 early alpha and beta prototype copies of the game, a copy of the original musical soundtrack for the original PC homebrew in MP3 format, a promotional picture, an early version of the original box, as well as future discounts. Purchase of this version will take an additional 24 hours to complete the customization.


It should be noted that this game is completely free of censorship, and is only recommended for the mature audience. The game contains blood, intense violence, mature humor, minor sexual violence references, strong language, suggestive themes and violent references. In other words, the game would more than likely receive either a “hard M” rating, or in some peoples opinions, even an “AO” rating.

The standard version of the game is $5.99, while the customized edition sells for $9.99. A free demo is also available for those that want to try the game out ahead of time, and yes, there are still plans to release the game on a physical cartridge, however there is no scheduled time frame for when this may become a reality.

Official Web Site (Order Links & Demo Download): Sasha Darko