Around here, we are huge supporters of the homebrew community, with everything from new game programs for our favorite consoles of the past, to hardware hacks and modifications to put a modern twist on things. We’ve recently been notified of a new homebrew game title for the Sega Genesis called “SupraKillminds!” which while still a work in progress, is now available as a beta ROM image download.


SupraKillminds! is a simple puzzle game, that is being developed by Jack Nolldor. The object of the game is to create complete quadrants, by using the four auxiliary quadrants (up, down, left and right) to earn point, which are determined by the quantity of the same color that the other other quadrants are located. Parts of the center squares color appear will appear in the same auxiliary quadrants in the same location, as they were in the central square by pressing a button on the directional pad. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 5 Points = All of the color positions are different
  • 20 Points = Two of the color positions are the same
  • 50 Points = Three of the color positions are the same
  • 150 Points + 1Up = The whole quadrant are the same color
  • 250 Points + 1Up = If all quadrants are empty at the end


The current version of the game is Alpha 2b, which was updated just this morning with some additional bug fixes, and this one also allows you to pause the game if you need to. The ROM image is available as a free download to play on your Genesis/Mega Drive emulator of choice. Jack warns that the game has not been tested on actual hardware (via flashcarts or otherwise), so it may not work if you play the game via that route.

Download “SupraKillminds! Alpha 2b” ROM Image: