It’s been quite a while since we had some “Wreck-It Ralph” news around here, but I think we can still say that it is still a part of every one of us at Retro Game Network! The film may have entered and exited theaters and we all more than likely have the DVD or Blu-Ray of the movie in our collections, but how about a Genesis port of “Fix-It Felix Jr.”? Yes, please and thank you!


When Disney was promoting “Wreck-It Ralph” to theaters, one of the things that they did was make an original creation in the form of a Flash game that had all of the classic goodness that us retro gamers expected. In turn, this Flash game was the internals of various original arcade cabinets. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect promotion! Eventually, this Flash game would be made available online once it was leaked to the public. Today, we bring you some exciting news that the game is now finally playable on original video game hardware (or at the very least, an emulator), with a brand new port of “Fix-It Felix Jr.” for the Sega Genesis console!


This entire situation was created by a Sega Genesis programmer that is known as “Future Driver”. This homebrew game is still very much in the early stages, however it is most certainly something excellent in the making that can only get even more epic as future updates occur. The game features everything that made the original Flash game unique and fun to play!


The ROM image is available as a free download for playing on your Genesis emulator of choice. Super special thanks to our friends at Retro Collect for bringing this story to our attention!

Fix-It Felix Jr. Genesis ROM: http://68000.web.fc2.com/felix/index.html

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpS5kGHD4sY?rel=0]