This time around, we’re going to be heading over to Japan, to bring everyone an interesting piece of news. The Japanese TV series “GameCenter CX” (ゲームセンターCX), a show devoted to the playing of retro video games (with a particular love of the Nintendo Famicom), has been slated to have a full length movie be released sometime next year, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the series!


GameCenter CX premiered on Fuji TV One in Japan on November 4, 2003, and to date has had 164 episodes recorded. The show is hosted by Shinya Arino, a member of comedy duo Yoiko. As he plays video games from our history, he records his progress, playing the game with a time limit, usually a full day. His goal in that time limit is to finish the game that he started. Supported by his Assistant Directors and other staff members, he is given support as he plays the games, both morally and with actual gameplay help. He has also been given the opportunities to interview game designers on the show, which also sometimes takes him to the arcade as well.


On June 23, 2011, gaming site Kotaku began streaming episodes of the series that were translated into the English language. A little more than 7 months later however, they stated that the rights to rebroadcast the show had expired. In addition, there have been nine DVD sets released in native Japan, which each DVD set offering selected episodes of the series, as well as exclusive gameplay challenges. Season sets have yet to be made available.


Details on the story of “GameCenter CX: The Movie” are still very much unknown at this point, but it’s safe to assume that the entire staff and crew have something special planned for it, especially on a retro level. In addition to the movie, “GameCenter CX” is also going to have a third Nintendo 3DS video game published next year, which will be the third release. However it is very unlikely that the game will be made available in North America.