KHAN Games, the developer behind such NES homebrew titles like Ultimate Frogger Champion and our yearly dose of Christmas titles (as well as the creator of an upcoming remake of the classic Leisure Suit Larry) made an announcement of a new trailer on Facebook this week, in regards to it’s latest NES title called “Study Hall”. The game is scheduled to be released soon in physical media, and we have some of the details for you all, as well as a preview trailer!


“There’s a lot going on in 11th period, y’all. Bullets flying at you from cannons. Paper airplanes dropping bombs. Green radioactive fireballs dropping from the sky. Another stick man is out to get you. It’s out of control. Oh, and don’t forget about the teleporters.”


“Study Hall” is a story about a school student that is anxiously awaiting his upcoming Spring Break. (Didn’t we all always look forward to extended vacations when we were in school? I wish it was like that in the job world!) Spring Break is just a short week away, and the student is really getting sick of studying and doing all of that boring school work. What do you do as you wait so impatiently for that last bell to ring on Friday afternoon? Find ways to pass the time!


The game starts on Monday morning at 9AM, and you decide to start jotting down some puzzles in your school notebook, and these are all puzzles that you must solve! As the week goes by, the puzzles start to get tougher and tougher. But not only must you solve these puzzles, but you have to do all of this without getting caught by your teachers or other school staff, because if you do, you will transfer from the study hall to the detention hall! Although initially not aware of the connection between Donkey Kong Jr. and this game (programmer Kevin Hanley even said that he has never played Donkey Kong Jr. in his life!), “Study Hall” does have some of the aspects of the classic games vine swinging situations throughout.


During each of the puzzles that you accomplish, you will earn points that are used to calculate your total score, which ends accumulation when you either finish the game or end up in detention, whichever comes first. Supposedly, the final version of the game (which is still in progress), will offer a bonus stage, but this part of the game has supposedly not been programmed yet. In addition, the game also offers a homage to modern gaming, with an achievements system. Plus, Hanley has stated that there is an Easter Egg hidden deep within the game, that unlocks from “perfectly normal means”, and with “no weird button combinations involved!”


Currently, the game is slated to be released in physical cartridge format by the end of this month. The cartridges are slated to be made available via RetroZone. There is no word on a final price at this time, but with previous games by KHAN Games already been made available, I would expect the game to be somewhere in the $30-$40 range.

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