One of my favorite games released for the Nintendo 64 console is the super cute, and ultra vulgar, “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”. In fact, one of my earliest articles for RGN was a personal review of the game in the form of a Retro Game Retrospective. Yesterday, a member of the Assembler Games forums has made the announcement that an early edition ROM of the game is now available for download, alongside a debug edition copy of “Perfect Dark”.


The Assembler Games user responsible for this find is a man named Andrew Borman. The early prototype of “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” contains more than a few additional explicit and uncensored cut scenes that ultimately got removed from the officially released edition of the cartridge. In addition, the beta edition also incorporated more violent scenes that were taken out before the release. (For instance, in the video at the end of the article, you can see the Tediz doing some very cruel “operating” on a fully alive squirrel soldier.) This particular cut scene was not a part of the final game, for a reasoning I think you can figure out on your own.


In what is kind of an interesting twist of events, when some people read the above headline, they more than likely assumed that the game that was discovered was “Twelve Tales: Conker 64”. For those unaware, “Conker 64” was actually supposed to be continuation of the previously super-cute games that featured Conker. Back in September, a video on Youtube featuring a full half hour of video from the unreleased game had made headlines, and has become the holy grail for the N64. However, while a playable version of this crazy-happy edition of the game is wanted badly by gamers, this new discovery is not it. When you download the ROM images, you will get the following two ROMs:

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day (NTSC Debug Build, from 2000)
  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day (ECTS Trade Show Demo Build, from 2000)

Borman has stated that the ECTS build is prone to crashing when played using an emulator, even though it works just fine when the actual cartridge is played on genuine N64 equipment.


In addition to the prototypes of “Conker”, Andrew has also made public an additional ROM Debug Build, of the title “Perfect Dark”, a first-person shooter video game which was also developed by Rare for the N64. It was very much considered to be a spiritual successor to Rare’s “GoldenEye 007”, in which it shares many of the same game play features. The “Perfect Dark” ROMs will allow you to play with various debugger settings within the game title, making a completely new experience. When you download these ROM images, this is what you’ll get:

  • Perfect Dark (NTSC Debug Build)
  • Perfect Dark (PAL Debug Build)

Borman acquired the preceding 4 ROMs from what he himself calls a “trusted source,” and apparently it was for a decent amount of private cash. At first, this collection of all 4 ROM images were scheduled to be released after a fundraiser, collecting funds successfully to assist with the high costs of obtaining them. In fact, at first he he was asking the retro video game community to donate at least $2,500 to cover his out of pocket costs before he would be willing to release the ROM images to the public.  However, as he claims, the “unwanted media attention” has given Andrew a change of heart, and he’s decided to release all four of the ROMs to the public immediately, yet prematurely. While he as earned as of this afternoon a total of $850 of the $2500 he was hoping for, he has made it quite clear that he is “taking a huge loss” in the process.

Forum (With Download Link): http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?45853-N64-RARE-Prototypes-Release

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkwaz-sKX20]