In the course of a 20 day period this past March, Hyperkin announced (and canceled) their RetroN 4 system, which was replaced with the upcoming RetroN 5. The system allows you to play various cartridges from our gaming pasts, with 5 systems being offered. It turns out that there is some new competition in the works, when Innex announced that they were going to reveal their new “Super Retro Trio” console at next months E3. What does the “Super Retro Trio” offer when compared to the RetroN 5? Let’s take a look!


Innex, the retro and modern video game accessory company that are the creative forces behind two previously released retro consoles (“Retro Duo” and “Retro Duo Portable”), made the announcement of the “Super Retro Trio” earlier this week.  While the previous systems offered play of NES and Super NES game cartridges, the new system will offer a third system to the mix, allowing you to play Sega Genesis games, alongside the Nintendo 8-bit and 16-bit titles. In comparison to the upcoming RetroN 5, there is already a lack of classic support, since the RetroN 5 also will offer cartridge slots for Japanese Famicom cartridges and Game Boy (classic, Color and Advance) support.


However that doesn’t mean that the fine people of Innex have their heads in the sand. It turns out that you CAN play Game Boy games with the new system, with the addition of the “Super Retro Adapter”, which is a cartridge add-on that will allow you to play the portable console games on the new system, using the Super NES cartridge slot. If the concept of this device sounds (and the device itself looks) more than a little familiar to you, it certainly should, since it certainly bares more than a resemblance to the Super Game Boy adapter that Nintendo released for the Super Nintendo back in the day. An interesting note about this adapter is that Innex has announced that the new adapter will also work with any genuine SNES console, or any other third-party SNES compatible system made in recent years.


Let’s talk about television connectivity for a moment. The new “Super Retro Trio” will be offering a connection that is limited to only traditional composite A/V connections (the red, white and yellow combination that was a standard years ago), as well as S-Video for better visuals. In comparison, the RetroN 5 is proud to offer HDMI outputs for use on today’s standard of high definition television sets. It will also upconvert the signal to 720p.

The “Super Retro Trio” will come with two controllers that can be used for any console that the system supports, and just like the RetroN 5, will offer fully functional ports so you can use your original controllers and accessories from our retro collection.

So how much is this going to cost us? The “Super Retro Trio” is scheduled to have a price tag of $69.99 for the system itself and controllers. If you want to add Game Boy capabilities, you will need to purchase the adapter separately for $39.99. (Buying both as a bundle will save you a little but of cash, since you can buy both for $89.99.) As a final comparison, Hyperkin will be offering the RetroN 5 for “under $100”. The “Super Retro Trio” will be making its debut at this year’s upcoming E3, which takes place next month, between June 11th and June 13th.

Innex Official Website: http://www.innexinc.com/