Last Tuesday, we brought you the heartwarming tale of a Gastonia, North Carolina woman, who walked into her local Goodwill, and about $8 later, walked out with a complete copy of an NES holy grail item: Stadium Events. When she took it to her local video game store for verification and appraisal, she mentioned that she would be placing the item on eBay by the end of the month. How about more like the end of the week? The cartridge is now up for bids, but instead of eBay, is actually being sold on GameGavel, who have also conducted an exclusive interview, in which we now have some new information about her plans with the money.


In the interview, GameGavel had asked her a variety of questions about her knowledge of the game. She recognized the game cartridge immediately, thanks to the lot of games that was sold a few years ago, in which Stadium Events was one of the games in the lot. In a smart move by her, she has chosen to not make her identity known, and has only told a few select family and friends about her amazing find. She defines herself more of a video game “appreciator” than a “collector”.


So what does she plan to do with the money in the end, if the item does in fact sell? As she is currently in college getting a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, with a graduation planned for next month, she plans to help pay off her student loans. Over the last year, she has also been saving money in attempts to put a down payment on a house, so some of the money may also go towards that as well. A link to the complete interview can be found at the bottom of the page.


From the actual auction listing:

“This is it! This is the one you have been waiting for. NES Stadium Events CIB in excellent condition. This item is complete with box, cartridge, black case, manual, and even the original styrofoam in the bottom of the box. Any condition questions should be resolved with the photos provided. We have tried to take as many photos as possible to give an accurate description of the game and all aspects of the packaging.”


The listing has over 40 beautiful pictures of everything included, and even if you have no plans to bid, should definitely check it out for that aspect alone. You really cannot possibly find a better looking copy of the game anywhere. The cartridge was listed on GameGavel this afternoon, at 5:29pm. The opening bid for the game is $12,000, with increases of $250 required. There is no reserve price for the listing. The auction is scheduled to end on Sunday, April 28th at 10pm Eastern Time.

Auction Listing: http://www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000751624

GameGavel Interview: https://www.gamegavel.com/reviews/2013/04/19/goodwill-stadium-events-auction-on-gamegavel-com/