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A bit dated. Forgive us, RGN faithfuls, but this is still some pretty slick news. Not trying to get your hopes up there either, MOTHER fans. As part of Nintendo of Japan’s “Famicom 30th Anniversary” celebration, the company has been releasing a classic title each month for the low price of 30 yen (30 yen/30 years, get it?) One of the titles to be released in this anniversary celebration is the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo RPG classic MOTHER 2/Earthbound.

"What were you expecting to be in there? A hamburger?"

“What were you expecting to be in there? A hamburger?”


Now, I gush a lot about this game. If you haven’t played it yet, shame on you. No, seriously, shame on you. To those fortunate enough to not only be able to own a Japanese Wii-U, but also the ability to read Japanese, you can log on to the Virtual Console community on the Miiverse and take part in some awesome conversation over the release of the long-awaited title. The games creator, Shigesato Itoi, has been holding a “MOTHER 2 Revival” celebration; posting and adding commentary on the community alongside the games release. It should be noted that Shigesato Itoi is known famously not only for the MOTHER series, but also his work as a copy-writer for Studo Ghibli’s films, but also as a philanthropist, noted author of slice-of-life commentary, and a guest judge on Iron Chef. That and the fact that he’s BFFs with Shigeru Miyamoto.


"So.. You WEREN'T on drugs when you made Super Mario Bros.?"

“So.. You WEREN’T on drugs when you made Super Mario Bros.?”, a well known Earthbound/MOTHER fansite on the web, has been following the exploits of Itoi and the up-to-date posts on the community. Thankfully the sites owner and operator, Mato, has been translating the posts as they come. Things have slowed down just a tad since the intial release of the game, but the community is still very much thriving. If you love Earthbound, or you’re just curious about what the game is about, head on over there to see the news and reception unfold. As for a US release of the title? That’s a question that’s still up in the air, and we’re unsure for just how much longer. Crossing all of our fingers here.