With the sporadic number of homebrew titles published for the TurboGrafx 16 and TurboGrafx-CD systems, learning about new games for them are always a treat! Over in France, there is a home fan based physical retro video game publication called “ReVival”, which has as of now, entered it’s 50th issue. What makes this milestone issue so very unique, is that the people that work at the magazine are including alongside of the 50th issue, a brand new homebrew title at no extra cost, called “ReVival Chase”, which is fully compatible with the NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM System, and with the appropriate hardware, the TurboGrafx-CD.


This brand new homebrew release is a unique combination of two classic video game icons: Mappy and Pac-Man. The maze style game offers the addition of doors to a Pac-Man type of adventure. The new game offers a special multi-player mode, in which up to 5 players can play at the same time. This type of concept is similar to not only the Pac-Man VS arcade cabinet, in which one player controlled Pac-Man and the other 4 players controlled the ghosts, but also similar in nature to the NES title Duck Hunt, in which one person shoots the birds while another player controls the birds actions on screen. The game is professionally pressed, and not “burned” on a modern computer.


Word of the game/magazine bundle was first made known on the AtariAge forums this past November. Getting your hands on a copy is rather easy. While the magazine’s main publication country is France, issues printed in English (a possibility since issue #29), have been made available at such online retailers as Good Deal Games and Fury Unlimited, however in a much more limited quantity. It’s also available in the United Kingdom at the 16/32 Systems website. The current cost of the issue is €30, which gets you the paper magazine and the game disc. For an additional €12, you can get the magazine and 2 copies of the game for your collection. Currently, neither Good Deal Games nor Fury Unlimited are showing this issue as available for order, so English pricing is not yet available. (It is possible, but not confirmed, that this upcoming issue still has yet to be translated.)


ReVival has been published quarterly since 1997, and comes from the original publishers of ST Magazine. ReVival aims to be the voice of the hidden side of retro video gaming. ReVival gives you news on all of the alternative consoles, game and hardware tests, and interviews of people active in the classic video game subculture. Plus, ReVival also offers you historical articles.

We’d like to thank AtariAge and Retro Collect for bringing this story to our attention!

ReVival Magazine (in French): http://www.revival.free.fr/commande/index.php

Good Deal Games: http://gooddealgames.com/inventory/Video%20Game%20Media.html

Fury Unlimited: http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m3_1.htm