A brand spanking new trailer for the upcoming Sonic Fan Game “Sonic XG” was made public by its current developer, Joseph Waters, who has continued the project exclusively after a hiatus. Sonic XG (in which the “XG” actually stands for “Extended Genesis”), has been a work in progress for quite some time now, going as far back as 2007. It was assumed to be an abandoned project at one point, however the new trailer is bringing new life to the upcoming title. We have some information, a brief history, as well as a link to both the updated trailer as well as the original trailer for you all.


The original development team for Sonic XG consisted of Waters, but also included Euan Gallacher and Christian Whitehead. Joseph Waters has publicly stated that he was given complete support from the others originally involved to complete the game on a solo level. So much so, that they both gave Waters all of their previously contributed materials to make the transformation not as difficult as it could have been. Not only that, but it could also mean that the project will be completed a lot sooner than anticipated, bringing the interested players the completed program faster.


The new 2D fan game is being programmed using Joseph’s customized “Sonic & Knuckles” clone engine.  The freshly released trailer adds Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles to the game play as playable characters, as well as a Metal Sonic boss. A wide variety of the different stages featured are shown, and Waters has already stated that some of the stages were “refit to accommodate each character’s unique abilities.” Several new zones have also been released, previously revealed zones have been altered, and certain level selections have been retooled. New power ups are also shown in the trailer, including a very interesting clone effect, as well as the famous Chaos Emeralds, which of course can be collected throughout the game play to enable super forms.


At this time, there is no updated playable demonstration available. However, a demo that was originally released back in 2007 is actually still available to download. There is also currently no word on an approximate completion date for the new game, however with the massive upgrades shown, it looks like it won’t be much longer until we are all playing Sonic XG for ourselves!

Official Website: http://www.williamg.plus.com/SXGWEBSITE/
Download Link: http://info.sonicretro.org/images/1/18/Sonic_XG_Demo_1.rar

New 2013 “Sonic XG” Trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAQGPSq3_PA]

Original 2007 “Sonic XG” Trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QebODCeUGuQ]