About a month ago, I had brought you the news of a new homebrew port of the classic game Tetris, being written for the Atari 7800, with the title called “BlocDrop“. If you are more of the classic computer type, and are in need of a Tetris fix, an individual who calls himself “King Durin” from a company called Avatar, has released a brand new port of the classic puzzle game for the Commodore 64 computer platform, just yesterday. The new game is called “S-Blox”, and we have some information and details, as well as a video clip of the game in action and the link to play it on an emulator right away.

“S-Blox” is more or less, a standard port of the classic title Tetris. For those that have been living under a rock, the object of the game is to complete rows of 10 consecutive blocks. Blocks are brought to the player in one of seven different shapes. Each shape is made up of individual blocks. When the shape is placed on the final row that is open, that row is checked for completeness and if it is complete, the player is rewarded with points, and the row clears, allowing more game play space. The shapes available on “S-Blox” range in different widths and lengths, which will permit  anywhere from a single line to a full 4 lines to be completed at once.

The game uses what could be considered “typical” keystrokes for action. You can use the cursor keys move left and right, or use the A and S keys. In addition, to turn the shape for a better possible origination, you can press the up arrow or press D, and to drop the shape to the bottom faster, you can press the down arrow, or press F. The music (which takes full advantage of the incredible sound chip when used on an actual Commodore), has a few options as well. For instance, pressing F3 adjusts the music to a slow tune, while F5 give you a faster musical background. (F1 will turn the sound off). F7 quits the game, while the STOP button will pause the game dead in it’s tracks. Scores of as little as 20 points for a single compeleted line, all the way to 800 points for a full 4 lines completed will be awarded.

“S-Blox” is a 16K cartridge based game. You can play it using a Commodore 64 emulator like VICE, by simply downloading the ROM image, and attaching the CRT file as a cartridge. At this time, there are no plans to make commercially available cartridges for use on actual systems, but the creator of the game gives 100% permission to create your own cartridges if you desire. If you wish to make your own cartridge, you can place the included BIN file in an EPROM, or if you want to play on an actual C64, but don’t want to make an actual cartridge, you can place the CRT file into an EasyFlash cartridge or compatible.


Official “S-Blox” Webpage with Download Links: http://sblox.codeplex.com/

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwUUtcfq4y0]