Hello friends! Man do I have some juicy bits to tell you about today. It came to my attention recently(thanks to Reddit) that there is a Famicom version of Final Fantasy VII, however, it is not an official or even a licensed release. It comes to us from a Chinese company known as ShenZen Nanjing Technology. You have to love how they almost literally have a bootleg of everything in China! This game looks like it could be a lot of fun, although reviews do state it is pretty hard and the combat is a little wonky.

From what I have read they have done a pretty excellent job of micro-sizing the game and its story for the 8-bit format, although one of the main complaints is it’s lack of healing spells. They should have studied up! I mean, we all need about 50 different types of Cures, Curagas, etc! I will give it to them for being creative with some of the weapons, though. Rather than Cloud being one contained sprite, he and his buster sword are two separate sprites that work together.

Sometimes I wish game companies would do more things like this. They forget we the fans love some nostalgia, especially when it comes to big franchises like this. A good example would be the folks over at Gearbox, who released that classic style version of Borderlands 2, and suffice to say, it was fantastic! Square could learn a thing or two from that. Maybe one day, we’ll get a true new Final Fantasy game. Until that day comes I won’t be holding my breath, instead I’ll just sit back while I play Final Fantasy XIII-82 vs Street Fighter.