Ultra Detail Figure No.177 Series 1 Link from The Legend of Zelda **Preorder**

Alternate time line be damned! That right there is the REAL LINK! Well…besides the one in Encino Man…

So by now you’re probably getting incredibly tired of hearing Zelda news from this kid right here, right? I could go on and on about missing the pre-order for the Hyrule Historia’s Limited Edition, or talk about how the Wii-U’s Zelda title isn’t expected to hit shelves AT THE EARLIEST by holiday season 2014, but why would I do that?! Here’s what I’m thinking: There is NEVER enough Zelda news.

So I’m gonna’ put those rants on the side and save them for a later date when I can fuel myself with some energy drinks and channel my gamer rage properly. Instead, here’s some happier news for the figure collector out there who also happens to love video games.

I’m proud to introduce two awesome looking figurines that will be hitting internet “shelves” (not actual shelves, in case you’re wondering) early next year. Medicom Toys is releasing not one but TWO AWESOME looking The Legend of Zelda figurines. One is of the classic Link we grew up with and the other is of the Wind Waker “toon” Link that many have sadly scorned. (Why the WW hate, gamers? :/)


Ultra Detail Figure No.178 Series 1 Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerYes. Look at him.

 The figures are available for pre-order and are slated for release some time in January. In my humble opinion, these are definitely a no-brainer this holiday season for any Zelda fan you may know. *hint hint*. With the Skyward Sword Link Figma already released, these can make a great accompaniment to all that other Zelda swag you’ve got horded in your room (or parent’s basement).

The hope, at least for me, is that Medicom will release other figures in the TLoZ franchise. Maybe we’ll see a Link’s Awakening or a Link to the Past figurine, eh? A guy can hope, can’t he?

Head on over to JBox (a site famously known for selling Japanese goods (especially some Retro Gaming goods)) and pre-order one today before they’re gone.