It was this past August when we at Retro Game Network announced that Nintendo was planning on closing it’s doors by years end. That was very quickly confirmed by Nintendo, and as the days approach, the very last cover of the publication has been leaked online. Senior editor Chris Hoffman stated back then that he wanted to make the last few issues of the magazine memorable, and with the final issue coming to newsstands in less than 2 weeks, the team decided to end the era, right where it started.

Issue #285 takes hommage to the very start of the publication, with a recreation of the very first cover, except instead of having Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Nintendo NES being the lead story, the last issue features New Super Mario Brothers U for the new Nintendo Wii U platform. It features the same cover, updated to current standards. Instead of Mario stomping on a standard mushroom, he is stomping on a Gomba. And instead of being chased by Wart, he’s being chased by Bowser. There’s even a free poster, just like in the first magazine. The cover also copies the original cover formatting with details about whats in the magazine, just like it was the late 1980s.

The details of articles as shown on the front cover for the last issue, include a 20 page report on New Super Mario Brothers U, as well as a listing of the “Greatest Games of All Time”, and “25 Years of Nintendo Power History”. Even if you are not a subscriber, or haven’t subscribed in years, this issue is without a doubt going to be a special one. The way that Nintendo is ending a long history, something that we all grew up with in one form or another, is nothing short of respectful, historic, and will certainly bring back a lot of great memories of flipping though the pages.

As a reminder, if you are a subscriber to Nintendo Power, and your subscription extends past the final December 2012 issue, the subscriber will receive a refund or credit card credit of the remaining value of your subscription. If however you got the subscription as a gift from someone, the refund will be given to the gift donor. US and Canada readers will get their money back within 4 to 6, international subscribers will have to wait as many as 10 weeks. If you no longer have access to the account, you’ll want to notify them right away, at

Issue #285 will be shipping to those that have mail subscriptions very shortly, and is scheduled to be available on newsstands on December 11th. And if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you will definately want to take a look at the excellent article that RGN’s very own St. Aspartame wrote earlier this week, called “What To Do When The Power Goes Out“, which was an excellent commentary that is very much worth your time. To everyone that worked with Nintendo Power magazine over the many years, I tilt my hat to you guys, wish you all the best of luck on future endevors, and most importantly, want to say thanks for being an important part of my childhood. We’ll never forget you guys!