Well, we all knew it was going to be an epic film for the retro video game fan in all of us, but that exchanges into a lot over this past weekend! Walt Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph”, which is currently in it’s opening weekend in theaters nationwide, won the top position at the box office, with a higher than anticipated $49,100,000 earning domestically, and $61,100,000 for total earnings worldwide. The film had a budget of $165,000,000, and while there is still a long way to go, it looks as if it’s on the road to making every dime back, and then some.

The number 1 film at the box office, “Wreck-It Ralph” opened to a total of 3,752 theaters in the United States, making each theater responsible for just over $13,000 of the total earnings thus far. The motion picture attracted an audience in which approximately 25% of the patrons were under the age of 25, and approximately 68% of moviegoers attended the flick with their families. The film about a video game villain who dreams of becoming a hero, opened as the biggest Disney Animation Studios release ever, mostly due to the attraction of a wide demographic array through its retro appeal, as stated by Dave Hollis, who is Disney’s executive VP of theatrical sales. He was quoted in stating the following:

“The resonance of these classic characters was screaming through [in early test screenings. The filmmakers wanted to create a movie] as appealing for that 28-year-old single person as it would be for the 38-year-old parent of a kid.”

While the destruction of Hurricane Sandy had forced hundreds of movie theaters in New Jersey and New York to close earlier last week, a good number of them were actually open for usual business by the start of the weekend. When the film opened in theaters last Friday, as many as 100 theaters were still closed on the opening date, but many of those that were closed resumed business mid-week. Dave Hollis had this to say in regards to the storm:

“Wreck-It Ralph became something of a distraction and an opportunity for families to do something separate of the storm. Schools being shut down on Friday also played a role as parents were looking for things to entertain the kids and keep them out of the cold.”

Which makes a lot of sense, with many East Coast children out of school this past Friday, Disney saw an uptick of business for Friday afternoon matinees. Hollywood.com box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian stated:

“We didn’t really have a playbook for this, but the numbers show that audiences across the country, and particularly in the Northeast, wanted to go to the movies and they did.”

Some of us at RGN have already had a chance to see the film, I got my tickets planned for later this week! Have you guys had a chance to watch it yet? What were your thoughts? We will be bringing you our own personal views of the film later this week.