sonic adventure 2 title screen

Man, Sonic is the talk of the town around RGN lately! The Dreamcast version of what many fans claim to be the last great 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game, like many other SEGA classics, is scheduled to receive an HD upgrade. Continuing right along with their SEGA Heritage series, for which a number of SEGA classics have already been released, SEGA keeps on adding titles to their HD remake queue, and this one is sure to have fans of the speedy boy in blue rejoicing.

Sonic adventure 2 box art

As it was announced by SEGA at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, the game is slated for an autumn 2012 release, and details of exactly what features will be included other than the graphical overhaul have yet to be confirmed. Considering this game already had a re-release once for the Gamecube in the form of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, it’s up to us to wonder if any of the added features present in the Gamecube version will be found in the new HD one. One can assume that it will probably feature current gen staple features like leaderboards, DLC, and and achievements/trophies, but as of right now, it is only speculation. We will be sure to inform you of any updates as we discover them!